More than 30 years after their debut, the LUV' ladies are still active (especially Patty and José).

LUV' and its members in 2011:


* After a hectic comeback in 2006/2007, the group's schedule is very quiet. The trio performs for corporate events and private parties in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). Public shows are rare. 

 Patty Brard is a famous TV personality in Holland. From 2007 to 2011, she hosted several programs (including Shownieuws) on SBS 6. Architect Antoine van de Vijver has been her fiancé since late 2005.


* José Hoebee formed in 2009 a temporary duo with former BZN singer Anny Schilder. She has recently recorded a new version of "I Will Follow Him" with Peggy March. She enjoys her family life with her husband Will, a record producer, in Lommel, Belgium.


* Marga Scheide is the most discreet LUV' lady. Since 2006, she has dated Michiel Gunning.