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From left to right: My sister Eva, Josť Hoebee and me (1990)


Josť and me during her "meet 'n greet" afternoon in September 2008

In August 1990, as I was twelve years old, my mother, my sister Eva and I were invited by Josť Hoebee at her house in Best, a village in the south of the Netherlands. Josť and my family have a friend in common who could arrange this meeting. Of course, because of my young age, I was so shy and impressed to see her. I was so surprised by her gentle and kind attitude (nothing to do with some "so called" divas or celebrities nowadays). At this time, she had decided to slow down her career to raise her son Tim. I remember she told us she was preparing a CD in duet with David Soul (famous for his role in "Starsky & Hutch"). Unfortunately,  this project never happened.

Eighteen years later, on September 28th 2008, I met Josť again during a "meet'n greet" afternoon organized by her fan club and held in Best. A lot of things had changed since our first meeting. The singer had indeed taken part in two Luv' comebacks (in 1993 and in 2006). Patty Brard and her reconciled, after nine years of hate. 


My name is Ralph. I'm proud of my double origin: French thanks to my father and Dutch because of my mother. I was born on May 25th 1978 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Five months after my birth, I went to France where I was raised. Now I live in Provence. I'm still in touch with my Dutch family and I spend my holidays in North Brabant once a year.

I'm European: born in the Netherlands, raised in France, worked in Germany.....

Josť Hoebee and I have a friend in common: Miek Van den Hurk who used to work as a secretary in Josť's father office. Josť and her family are from Best (a village near Eindhoven) like my relatives.

At the time of my birth, Luv' had already scored its first real hit "U.O.Me" on the Dutch Top 40 and the Flemish BRT Top 30. The Bee Gees, Abba, Boney M. and Donna Summer dominated the charts back then. Disco ruled the world in 1978. The clubs Studio 54 in New York, Le Palace in Paris and "Dorian Gray" in Frankfurt were "the place to be". Disco later changed into House music, Techno, Dance Music and Electronic music.

Luv' is really part of the Nederpop's legacy.


* Favourite Luv' songs: U.O.Me, Flash, Everybody's Shaking Hands On Broadway, Ooh Yes I Do, Don Juanito De Carnaval, Saint Tropez, Never Wanted to Be, My Number One, Welcome To My Party

* Favourite Josť's songs: Secret Love, Casualty, Hey Now Watcha Gonna Do, Time Goes By, Waarom

* Favourite Patty's songs: Hold On To Love, Brazilian Love Song / Samba Man, Over My Head

* Favourite Marga's song: Love Symphony