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The Glamour of Luv'

Marga Scheide is the only Luv' member who took part in all the line-ups of the group. Her glamourous charisma was a great asset to the trio.



I) Before Luv': Modeling & Beauty Contests

Marga Scheide (born Margareth Scheide on February 15th 1954 in Amsterdam) started her career as a model in the Netherlands in the early 1970's. She appeared on the cover of Dutch various artists hit compilation LPs. She took part in several national and international beauty contests (Miss Holland 1972, 1973, 1977, Miss Young International 1973 and Miss Europe 1975). Moreover, Marga was chosen to promote the Bintje (a potato variety) in a worldwide advertising campaign.

In 1976, she was cast as a member of Luv' (among 30 other girls).


II) The Luv' Era


With Patty Brard and Josť Hoebee, she conquered the pop charts by performing hits like You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse and Casanova. In the late 1980's, she formed a new version of Luv' (known as "Marga's Luv'" by the fans) with other members. However, this line-up never reached the fame of the original formation. Marga, Patty and Josť reunited in 1993 and in 2005.


III) Marga & Deuce, Solo & Post Luv' Years


One year after Luv's split, she was the lead member of a short-lived female trio, formed with twin sisters (Clari and Anja Horsmeier): "Marga & Deuce". The ladies recorded an unsuccessful single (One, Two, Three... Bananas).
Then, a solo single was released (
Love Symphony), a medley of The Supremes hits. Unfortunately, it flopped, even if it was broadcast on Black American radio stations. Since she did not appear on the cover of this record, many believed that she was a black singer. This anecdote reminds what happened to Madonna's first single (Everybody).
In 1985, she participated in a TV musical for children based on
ABBA's songs performed in Dutch : ABBAcadabra. Josť was also part of the cast of this show. During the 1980's, she was responsible for the styling of other artists.

In 1992, alongside the singer Lisa Boray, Marga was briefly involved in another musical : 'Rockstar'.



She's been credited as "Marga" in her recordings

  • Singles:
    • One, Two, Three...Bananas (Marga & Deuce, Polydor, 1982)
    • Love Symphony (Carrere, 1983)
    • Wij Zijn Vrij (Abbacadabra, Indisc, 1984)
    • Love Again (Boni, 1985)
    • I'll Sing You A Song (He Ho) (Dureco, 1986)
  • Album:
    • Abbacadabra (Indisc, 1984)

IV) Participation in Patty's Fort and Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs

Marga was twice the candidate in TV programmes in which Dutch celebrities took part in:

  • In 2004, she was filmed as she had a health cure in Ibiza in Patty's Fort (a docusoap conceived by Patty Brard on Yorin).
  • In 2006, she was a contestant in the Dutch version of Skating with Celebrities (Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs) on SBS 6. This show pairs six champion figure skaters with six celebrities who have various degrees of ice skill. Each team is composed of one man and one woman and has to demonstrate a specific figure skating skill. Marga was eliminated from the competition after the third episode.


V) Marga's businesses

In addition to her career in entertainment, she's been involved in several businesses. In the mid 1980's, she was the owner of a souvenir shop (Dutchy Souvenirs) in Utrecht's Holiday Inn. She later runned a company to export make-up to East Europe. In 2001, Marga launched an online music store ( . Since 2004, she has been in control of another online service specialized in Dutch celibrities merchandising (


VI) Personal Life


While she was a Luv' singer in 1979, Marga Scheide had a three year-long affair with John De Mol, the famous TV producer who founded Endemol, a company specialized in Real TV programmes such as Big Brother, Star Maker/Star Academy/Operacion Triumpho or Fear Factor.
Then, she had a relationship for 20 years with
Jacques Zwart (a.k.a E. Mergency), who produced her solo records and those of "Marga's Luv'". In the Spring of 2003, a sad event affected her a lot: Jacques died of a heart attack. Since 2006, Marga has dated another partner: Michiel Gunning