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Take a glance at the best moments and achievements of Luv's impressive career.

* Luv's chart toppers: 

- Singles:
My Man (1977), U.O.Me (Waldolala) (1978), You're the Greatest Lover (1978), Trojan Horse (1978), Casanova (1979), Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (1979), Ooh Yes I Do (1979), Ann-Maria (1980), One More Little Kissie (1980), My Number One (1980), Tingalingaling (1981), Welcome To My Party (1989), Megamix '93 (1993)
- Albums: 
With Luv' (1978), Lots of Luv' (1979), True Luv' (1979), Forever Yours (1980), Luv' Gold (1993), Completely In Luv' (2006)
* Greatest performances:

- Memorable comeback concert at the Amsterdam club De iT (1993)

- Surprise showcase at Hans van Hemert's 60th birthday (2005)

- Guest performance during three spectacular shows of De Toppers (a supergroup featuring Gerard Joling, René Froger and Gordon 

- Amsterdam Gay Pride 2006
- Studio 54 evening at the Sport Paleis in Antwerp, Belgium (2006)
- appearance at the Radio 2 Top 2000 concert (2006)
* Chart entries in several countries between 1977 and 1981:
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, France, Spain, South Africa and Mexico.
* Appearances in popular TV shows in Europe:
- Netherlands: Waldolala: Het is Weer Zo Laat, TopPop, Showbizzquizz, Nederland Muziekland, Samen, De Staatsloterijshow,  Hollandse Hits Festival, Voor Alle Fans, Shownieuws, RTL Boulevard, Entertainment Live, Life & Cooking, Albert, TROS Muziekfeest, Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs, Top 2000...
- Germany: Musikladen, Disco, Starparade, Tanzparty, Roxi...
- Belgium: Tien om te Zien, Margriet
- Switerzland: Musik & Gäste
- United Kingdom: Sacha Distel Show
- France: Top Club, Les Rendez-vous du Dimanche
- Spain: Aplauso
- Poland: Załóż się
* TV specials and docusoap:
All You Need Is Luv' (1978), Lots of Luv' (1979), This Is True Luv' (1980), Luv' in Thailand (1991), Discover the world with Luv' (1993), Back In Luv' (docusoap, 2006)

* Magazine covers and newspapers headlines in  Holland, Belgium and Germany:

De Telegraaf, Hitkrant, Bravo, Story, Privé, Beau Monde, Weekend...

* Impact on pop culture:

- U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover and Trojan Horse are on the tracklistings of Disco/1970's CD compilations and downloadable as ringtones.

Luv' hits are played on oldies radio stations.

- Significant impact on Dutch, Flemish and German gay culture (the ladies are true gay icons and popular in the gay circuit, their music is often played in Gay Prides, events, drag queen shows, the majority of the group's fans are gay....).  

- Luv' is part of the Nederpop legacy alongside other Dutch export acts from the 1970's/1980's such as Teach In, Pussycat, Champagne, Dolly Dots, Maywood, Stars on 45, Spargo...