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I'd like to thank the following persons not only for their support and emails but also to authorize me to post their pictures on my site.

* JosÚ Hoebee (Everything started because of you! Thanks for your input into the LUV' group! You've got real class!!!)

* Hans van Hemert (thanks for one of the greatest concept you've ever had: LUV'!!!). You are a genius!!! Your messages have always been kind!!!

* Peter Boonstra (of the official Luv' club and founder of JosÚ Hoebee fan club). You are the perfect link between the group and their public. Thanks for the "meet 'n greet" days you've prepared and the events and projects around the ladies.

* RenÚ Moonen (founder of the official Luv' fan club). Thank you to be the first to organize Luv's presence on internet, events and projects (compilation, box set...).

* Jessica van Riel (of the official Patty Brard fan site). You represent a new generation of fans who were born long after Luv's glory years. That's nice!!! Go on girl!!!

* Jos Theuns (of the JosÚ club). Many thanks for your contributions (lots of pictures and audio files).  

* Casper Janssen (aka Dennis Jones). You are a real encyclopedia of pop music. You are a real performer, an admirer and close to great artists (Luv', Liz Mitchell). Thanks for your help!!! You know what you are talking about.

* Diana van Berlo (what a surprise when you congratulated me on the site!!! I wish you good luck with your projects).

* Kenny (of the FK Discoclub). You are a real "Goldmine" with your uploads of songs, bonus tracks, videos and remixes.

* Yvonne (aka MissDolphin 38). Thanks for your posts on your YouTube channel about Dutch pop singers (including JosÚ Hoebee)!!

* Jennifer (who runs sites on Marga Scheide and Luv'). You are interested in legendary artists who reached their peak long before your birth and that's great!!! Good luck to your sites!

* All the fans I've been in touch with:

- Martin (wij hebben een leuke middag samen gehad, hartelijk bedankt!!!)

- Ada (bedankt voor jouw mails and scans!!!)

- Holm (Vielen Dank, es gibt nicht nur Fans in Holland und Belgien!!!),  

- Marc, Pascal......